Sunday, October 31, 2010

Corvette Owner Charged After Trying To Escape Tow Truck

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. - A Murfreesboro man is facing criminal charges after police said he tried to leave in his Corvette after it was already hooked up to a Go Jack towing device.
"I'd like to say, after I worked all these years I've got something I did for myself, so I bought this car," said Steven Baldwin.
Baldwin said he wasn't going to let a tow truck driver take his prized car away.
Baldwin drove his car to an MTSU football game and parked without a permit at the nearby Nottingham Apartments.  Managment called for a tow truck and Monica Mitchell with Packs Towing hooked the care up to the Go Jack device.
"You just jack it up and it takes your tire up off the ground," said Mitchell.
Moments before hooking the car to the tow truck Baldwin said he arrived and jumped into the Corvette.
"I decided I'm not going to leave my car on this contraption," said Baldwin.
Mitchell shot video of the incident on her cellphone. It showed Baldwin first looking at the Go Jack and then he got into the car. Baldwin then backed up the car breaking the Go Jack.  As he moved forward, a bystander said the car hit him.
"Before I could get out of the way he hit me," said Eddie Santader, who was trying to help the tow truck driver.
Santader said he suffered a badly bruised knee.
Police were called to the scene and arrested Baldwin. He was charged with vandalism and aggravated assault.

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