Friday, September 10, 2010

A little update on the RTTO web page!!

Hey everyone!! I just wanted to express my thanks to everyone who continues to follow my page and now my RTTO blog!! It means so much to me. I am trying my best to bring the respect that our operators, dispatchers, law enforcement, and road workers deserve and need out on the road. We shouldn't have to turn on the news or see posts about another fellow towing brother/sister suffering or killed because of someone's stupidity. I am very dedicated to my Facebook page and the towing industry itself.

As of tonight, I have been working hard on starting the Respect Tow Truck Operators website. That being said, I am going to need help from all of you! I am looking for towing pictures to add to my gallery on the page. If you would like your picture(s) added to the website, email them to me at

Also, I am eventually going to be coming out with merch, and I am going to have sponsorship space open to anyone who is willing to donate some money to get us rolling a little bit more. Once you donate, you're company will have their own little bit on our page for others to see. This is all just rough thoughts right now, things are more than likely going to change!!

I am also looking for suggestions that you as a group would like to see more of, or just would like to see on the website. I am going to get a chat room up and running and hopefully a forum as well.

Again, I couldn't be happier with the fans that I have and how much I have learned from all of you!! Thank you for your support and everything that you do!

Stay safe everyone!!
xoxo Amanda

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